• Alas I had to change our name again. Earth, Worm, &, Fire had created a bad rep in bluegrass circles for not really being bluegrass. We are now the more bluegrass-friendly name $3 Bill & The Football Bats. I hope to utilize some fiddling henceforth but I still really suck too much to play bluegrass fiddle songs. I hope to be good enough soon.…[Read more]

  • I agree whole-heartedly with Mark. If he has completed any level of Suzuki I’m sure he’s way past me. It would be nice for Casey or possibly the instructor to assign a difficulty grade to their lessons. Just a suggestion. This site has proven to be a vast cornucopia of knowledge and learning.

    plugging and chugging

  • I would like to be good enough to where I could discern a difference in a good bow or bad bow or good violin or bad. Currently I’m learning but the investment in a good fiddle is a tall jumping point for me.

  • chazworm posted an update 9 months ago

    Been playing much with a chin cello I made. I’m more use to the lower frequencies

  • I live in north eastern Kentucky near WV (90%) and Negros Oriental Philippines (10%). I sang and played bass and banjo in eastern KY’s first punkgrass supergroup Earth, Worm, &, Fire. Now I want to learn a new instrument.

  • I’ve been playing bass and writing songs for 35 years now so I grew to hate solos. I have been drawn to various online teachers. Lauren Douglas and Mitch Reed are good as are all the instructors on here but Niall Murphy and André Brunet are punk as hell. I hope this site helps me become the Johnny Ramone Of rhythm fiddle.