How does A/B looping work??

User-defined custom video looping is one of the features which make this site so cool. As a Fiddlevideo.com member, you can drag little points marked “I” and “O” (for in and out) on the play line of each video lesson. As long as your current video play point is within the “I” and “O” points you have set, the video automatically returns to the “I” point you set when it reaches the “O” point. This is exceptionally helpful when spending time on a really tough lick. You never have to put your fiddle down to stop and back the lesson up; the section of video you selected automatically repeats over and over until you press pause. We here at fiddlevideo think it’s pretty cool, and our members have given us some great feedback!

Can I slow video playback speed down???

Yes. Being able to slow down both performance and lesson videos is another great feature that comes with paid membership. Members of this site can click “-” and “+” buttons embedded in each video lesson to control video playback speed. This allows you to slow down performance videos (to play along with) as well as slow down basic and advanced melody tutorials to really focus in on tough sections. The audio pitch of slowed down videos remains the same as the regular speed video, and videos may be slowed down to 50% with audio still playing.

Can I both slow down videos and use A/B looping at the same time???

Yes you can! You can select a section of a video to be looped and then slow the video playback speed. Being able to concurrently use custom looping and video speed controls is especially helpful when studying a difficult passage.

Just a heads-up: Video looping and video speed functions may not work on all mobile devices. This feature requires a web browser capable of rendering HTML 5. In our experience, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets generally support these features, while some older phones may not.

To test out the video playback speed and looping features on your system now, check out our free full fiddle tune lesson modules.

How does a subscription work? Will I have to enter payment information each subscription period?

Memberships to Fiddlevideo.com automatically renew without any action required on your part. You don’t have to do anything to retain access to the site if you wish to continue membership except for occasionally updating your credit card or Paypal information.

If you wish to purchase one period but not renew at the end of that period, just sign up for the subscription option that best fits your needs and cancel the next day. Your access to paid content will remain in place for the entire period, but you will not be charged for future periods. Your access to the paid lesson content will expire at the end of the initial subscription period.

As a Fiddlevideo member, can I request that a specific tune be taught?

Fiddlevideo instructors do consider member requests when they select what tunes they wish to teach. To request a specific tune, feel free to post in the Fiddlevideo Forum. Prior to the start of a recording session, each instructor reviews the listing of tunes that have been requested by members…your tune might get selected for a lesson!! Tunes that don’t make the cut for a specific recording session are held over for consideration in future recording sessions.

How do I upload a profile picture so it shows when I post in the forum or make a comment on a video?

To upload or change a profile picture, click on your name on the right hand sidebar (under the Login/Profile section). Then click on the Profile link. In this section, you can upload a profile photo or change your existing photo.

How do I cancel my subscription when I decide I’m done with membership?

You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time within your account settings (must be logged in to access). When you cancel a subscription, your access remains until the end of your billing cycle, and then you are not charged for the next period.

My payment method expired and my subscription cancelled. How do I re-enable my membership?

If your payment method expires and a transaction fails for your subscription, you can update your payment information and your subscription transaction will try to process again in a couple of days. If you signed up by entering a credit card directly into our Stripe credit card gateway, you can update your payment info within your account settings (you must be logged in). If you paid using PayPal, you can update your payment info in your PayPal account. Either way, the transaction will attempt to process again, and your access should be restored once it successfully charges.

Alternatively (and perhaps easiest), you can simply log into the site (make sure you’re logged in!) and sign up for a new subscription to enter new payment info at checkout.

How does the pause membership feature work?

If you choose to pause instead of cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access until your current subscription reaches its expiration date. For example, if you pause the 15th of the month but your current transaction is set to expire the 20th, you will have access until the 20th. On the 20th, you will lose access until you resume billing/access.

Can I pay for membership using currency other than USD?

Yes you can. Foreign currency payments are welcome. All payments are processed in $USD by PayPal or Stripe Credit Card processing, depending on which payment method you choose. Foreign currency payments are processed and converted to USD by PayPal or Stripe on the date of each transaction. Please be aware that the foreign currency rate fluctuations may affect the cost of repeating transactions.

If this FAQ didn’t answer your questions, you can always just contact us here.