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    Are the lessons listed out in the “Difficulty >Beginner-to-Intermediate” section listed out in order of difficulty? If not, is there a way to sort it that way? Is it possible to provide a roadmap of where to start with a suggested path for going through that section?

    I just completed Suzuki Book II with an instructor and now looking to dig into these awesome techniques on this site. Very psyched about my new subscription here!

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    Casey Willis

    Hi there, Mark and thanks for joining up!

    Yes – I’d focus on the beginner tunes first, but one nice thing about how the lessons on this site are set up is that there is a basic melody tutorial for even advanced tunes. So if something catches your ear, you should be able to at least pick up the bare bones of the tune.

    The techniques section is a good place to reference, but I’d probably first scroll through some of the waltzes & slow airs and pick one to work on…then build from there.

    All the best, and keep us posted!


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