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      Are the lessons listed out in the “Difficulty >Beginner-to-Intermediate” section listed out in order of difficulty? If not, is there a way to sort it that way? Is it possible to provide a roadmap of where to start with a suggested path for going through that section?

      I just completed Suzuki Book II with an instructor and now looking to dig into these awesome techniques on this site. Very psyched about my new subscription here!

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      Casey Willis

      Hi there, Mark and thanks for joining up!

      Yes – I’d focus on the beginner tunes first, but one nice thing about how the lessons on this site are set up is that there is a basic melody tutorial for even advanced tunes. So if something catches your ear, you should be able to at least pick up the bare bones of the tune.

      The techniques section is a good place to reference, but I’d probably first scroll through some of the waltzes & slow airs and pick one to work on…then build from there.

      All the best, and keep us posted!


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      Is there a way to flag the lessons I am working on in order to go directly to those lessons when I login?

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        Casey Willis

        Hi, Eddyfiddle.

        For now, the easiest way to get back to a lesson you’re working on is to just bookmark/favorite that lesson page in your browser. You might also try the search bar in the main menu of all pages…that would be a quick way to sort based on title.

        Hope that helps, and all the best!!



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      Roland White

      Hi Mark, I’m sure Casey will get back to you on that if its possible to do. But some tunes may be hard for one person but not for another.

      I do have a recommendation to get you going though, and that is try to learn the tunes that are catchy to your ear and likable. Its much easier to learn a tune that way than a real complicated or intricate tune that doesn’t initially move you.

      Take a few minutes to explore tunes you may already know or even new ones and this also helps as your brain is already organizing the notes for the familiar ones. Thanks for chiming in on the site and fiddle on. Roland Forum Moderator

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      I agree whole-heartedly with Mark. If he has completed any level of Suzuki I’m sure he’s way past me. It would be nice for Casey or possibly the instructor to assign a difficulty grade to their lessons. Just a suggestion. This site has proven to be a vast cornucopia of knowledge and learning.

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