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    Hi, I’m considering buying a carbon-fiber bow. Specifically, a Codabow diamond series. I’ve tried the NX, and the GX – and i am hoping to try an SX (halfway in between the two i’ve tried in price). I’d appreciate hearing anyone’s opinion on these bows. I like the GX, the NX is pretty good. But if the SX really is halfway in between in terms of quality i might wait for that one and save a couple hundred. 🙂

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    Roland White

    Hi New Fiddler, I love my good wood bow but everytime I try a Carbon Fiber Bow I’m really impressed. I personally know some folks that have gone from wood to Carbon and in fact I’m saving for one myself. I know you can do free trials so if possible try the bow out before you buy it. Each will sound different on the same instrument. Good luck and sounds like you’re on the right track. Best, Roland

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    Ron Davison

    I have a Coda bow Luma I Love it.

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    so what did you end up getting, Newfiddler?

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    I ended up with a GX. I was able to trial the NX and the GX for a week and got to try the SX for a few minutes. I didn’t like the weight balance (I felt like it was too close to my hand) of the SX – though some people might like the way it felt. I’m still not sure the GX was worth the price jump up from the NX but I do enjoy the light and versatile feel of it in my hand. It feels like a good tool 🙂

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