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    So who are you guyses (wrong grammar i know lol) favorite fiddle players?

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    Martin Hayes, Kevin Burke, James Kelly are my favorites for Irish music.
    For the Scottish, Hanneke of course ! James Scott Skinner : i could talk about him for hours. I made a lot of researches on the database of Aberdeen’s University (they have all his archives).
    I’m a big fan of all the fiddlers of Cape Breton : especially Natalie Mc Master and Donnell Leahy. But also Dwayne Cote (his performance of Tullochgorum is just breathtaking…), Jerry Holland, Brenda Stubbert…

    I just love Nova Scotia’s music !!

    By the way, i recently discovered a great book, maybe you know it : “Traditional Scottish fiddling- a player’s guide : encompassing music from the West Coast, East Coast, Shetland, Orkney and the Borders of Scotland” “, by Christine Martin.


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    Roland White

    Hi All,
    Nice to see this discussion thread started up on Fav Fiddlers. Thanks for the scholarly info on Scottish fiddling masters and history Sabrina.

    How about some more comments and favorite fiddlers from our FV fiddlers ?? Thanks, R

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    John W.

    ive only been into it for a year now but so far its kenny baker, johnny gimble, jay ungar

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    For Scottish fiddling: Hanneke Cassel!!! Bruce McGregor, Harald Haugaard (a compatriot! 🙂 e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yt-ijxuBwI&list=PL2wOgcUXkKfQElJ1be3edaqhnJHcaSDdG )

    For Swedish fiddling: Marin & Marin (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eASpnw9MX2M ), Mats Edén (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Is9g3QTJd9I).

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    Right now I’m listening to Appalachian old time. Off the top I guess Bruce Molsky, Tricia Spencer and Howard Reins, and Emily Schaad. But the spark to my interest in fiddling came from the playing of Alison Krauss, a onetime child fiddle prodigy who won the Illinois State fiddle contest at age 12. I don’t think she plays much anymore, unfortunately.

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    Roland White

    Hi fan6,

    Nice to hear of your interest in Oldtime Fiddling. I love Allison Krauss too, and she does play but it appears to accompany her own tunes with her Band. I bet she still picks it up and plays oldtime tunes once in a while as they are imbedded once you learn them. Keep up that fiddling and thanks for posting in the forum. Roland

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    For me, my current favorites are Andy Leftwich and Michael Cleveland. I grew up on old western style like Randy Pollard, Wes Nivens, Amber Randall, etc.

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    In no particular order:
    Athena Tergis
    Liz Carroll
    Kevin Burke
    Tommie Potts
    John and James Kelly
    Martin Hayes
    Aly Bain
    and on and on ….

    I’ll mention that I am a mandolin player not a fiddler. Concentrating on Trad Irish tunes.

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    Scots Fiddle:
    Iain MacFarlane https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gallop-to-callop/1073982384
    Andrea Beaton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QacpHUd_a4
    Hanneke Cassel

    Irish Fiddle:
    Kevin Burke

    Québécois Fiddle:
    Eric Favreau https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQDsvxUknao
    Pascal Gemme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZ723Hv5_ow

    Eden MacAdam-Somer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk8FqmynrPc

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    My favorite fiddle player is Casey Willis, of course! His playing is fantastic, but I especially love that he has made this wonderful website we can all learn from and enjoy. I also love Luke Price, Alex Hargreaves, and Daniel Carwile; I have taken a few lessons from each of them and they have been so nice and inspiring to learn from. I am also constantly wowed by the talent and versatility of Mark O’Connor. Hopefully one day each of these fabulous musicians will teach lessons on fiddlevideo.com.

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      Casey Willis

      Thx for the great comment, SS!


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    Patti Kusturok

    I have sooooo many favourites! André Brunet is one…I’ve recently been listening to some Kenny Baker. Mike Cleveland, Graham Townsend, Randy Howard, Dick Barrett….lots!

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    Patti Kusturok, of course! Plays the songs I grew up with!

    For Western swing, As a long time, die hard fan of Asleep at the Wheel, I’ve got to give a nod to Katie Shore and Jason Roberts (and of course Johnnie Gimble).

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    Roland White

    Wow great comments on this thread considering it started in 2016.

    I’m inspired by so many fiddlers & Violinists that I can’t name them all. All genres of music are in my sights and I can appreciate the genius in each master fiddlers style and techniques. Thanks for all the posts and keep them coming. Roland Forum Moderator

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    Hanneke Cassell 🙂

    Evan Garr (Rock/Jazz)…he is simply Whoa!
    Cedric Watson (Creole)

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    I’ve been playing bass and writing songs for 35 years now so I grew to hate solos. I have been drawn to various online teachers. Lauren Douglas and Mitch Reed are good as are all the instructors on here but Niall Murphy and André Brunet are punk as hell. I hope this site helps me become the Johnny Ramone Of rhythm fiddle.

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      Casey Willis

      Welcome to the site, Chazworm…thanks for joining! Agreed Andre & Niall have the rhythm thing down pat. All the best as you work through their lessons! We have a bunch more lessons from each of them to be published going forward.



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    Going back a little ways, I would say Chubby Wise was one of the greatest. My other favorites are Richard Greene, Stuart Duncan and as of late, Patrick McAvinue. Also love Peter Ostroushko–he came to our little town and played a concert, and when I heard East Texas Waltz I decided to pick up my mother’s violin of which I knew nothing. That was 15 years ago. I try to practice every single day.

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    Favourite players – Patti Kusturok
    Shane Cook
    Louis Schryer
    Mark Sullivan
    Scott Woods
    Natalie MacMaster
    No particular order after Patti! ❤️
    They are great teachers too!

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