Québécois Fiddle Footwork Tutorial

In this lesson, André Brunet teaches a master class on how to do Québécois fiddle footwork. Footwork is an integral part of the spirit of Québécois fiddle music…and a bunch of fun, to boot!!

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  1. This is great André. I learned some of this a while back and still haven’t worked it into my fiddling. Time to practice it again.

    I went away for a day and yet another talented instructor gets added.

  2. André, voici le meilleur foot tutorial que je n’ai jamais écouté. À mon avis, tu es un excellent reel player et aussi un excellent professeur. Merci.

  3. I am so so thrilled that Andre is teaching here now!! Thanks for the tutorial…i was tapping along at my breakfast table 😃
    Perhaps a decade ago I attended a day long workshop in Ottawa where I first got to hear Andre play…WOW! Love all that sound. My fiddle teacher loves to attend Andres camp in QC. So happy you’re teaching here online Andre!! Merci!

  4. What is the tune being played in this footwork tutorial? It’s wonderful.

  5. André Brunet had me busting a gut when he compared the foot tapping to the triangle in Louisiana jams. Whole songs killed because of overzealous players or too many triangles going off. André’s the best!

  6. Where can I get a foot board like his?

  7. Hi , I made one out of a piece of 1/2 to 3/4 plywood. Thicker the wood deeper the sound. Just make it big enough to hit your feet on without missing the board. You can raise it off the ground 1/2” by attaching Some small cleats or felt pads on the bottom. This also increases the drum like sound. Have fun tapping your feet. Roland, Forum Moderator

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