Québécois Fiddle Overview Tutorial

In this lesson, André Brunet talks about the different types of Québécois fiddle tunes and gives examples of how each would be played. This video should be helpful to fiddlers wanting to understand the background and history of Québécois fiddle and dance.

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  1. Hi Andre! Love your lessons! Could you please tell me the name of that quadrille you played at 9:30 on this video? Will there be a lesson to learn this one?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi there, FGF!

      I’ll ask Andre what that tune is…but he’s off on tour for the next bit, so I’m not sure how long a response might take.

      The tune doesn’t sound familiar to me (aside from just hearing in this example), so I don’t think he recorded it when he was in the studio…but we can add it to the list for his next session!


  2. What is the name of the fantastic waltz at 05:15?

    • Hi, Saltyfiddle. Good question! We’re trying to get Andre back for a session later this year (assuming Covid/travel gets sorted out). I’ll ask him when he’s here…maybe he’ll teach the tune!

      All the best!


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