Québécois Bowing and Shuffle Tutorial

In this lesson, André Brunet covers the fundamentals of Québécois fiddle bowing and shuffling. If you would like to work on some techniques to increase your speed and drive as you play Québécois fiddle tunes, you’ve come to the right place!

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  1. Wow. This is going to be a fun lesson and a challenge. Love your style.

  2. Great lesson. Wonderful energy.

  3. Great lesson. Wonderful!!!

  4. This, quite frankly, is the most easy to understand and in depth bow hold tutorial. I understood the mechanics of a loose wrist, but had no idea why frankly. Many violin players forget that much of this does not come natural and expect you to “just know”. Andre appears to explain at a very high level for less knowledgeable folks and does it better than most.

    Bravo Andre and fiddlevideo!

  5. Awesome, Oliver, Lior and Regis.

    Good points, R. Andre is such a great addition to our team. I try to get each instructor to talk about a few basic things like bow hold, even if another instructor has already covered that topic…just to have those different approaches on video. Agreed he does a great job. I might have to post his outtakes. They’re freaking hilarious.

    More lessons to follow from this guy…

  6. I’m looking forward to practicing this style, it seems that I’m constantly moving when I play standing. Always something new to learn, I love it!

  7. What a superb tutorial! I learned so much. I have watched this over and over… Looking forward to the hilarious outtakes…. and more Andre lessons too! He is why I signed up. I cant get enough of the Quebecois sound 🙂

  8. Hey all that chimed in on this post, Thank you for the comments. Its great having Andre on the site his enthusiasm is contagious and we’re glad to hear that you’re all enjoying it. Folk Fiddle music from the heart for sure. Best Roland

  9. I’m really pleased to see that there are Quebecois style fiddle tutorials on here! The teaching is very clear and although I’ve really loved this style for a long time, I’ve found that it’s harder to find instruction on it if you are outside of Quebec.

  10. What are the tunes he plays in this lesson?

  11. I’d say this video and Casey’s video are the most explanatory, easy to understand bowing videos.

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