Lisa Harper

  • Do you ever listen to Rachel Barton Pine? She seems to be amazingly versatile — even dipping into metallica, I think. Really great question and I’m also interested in hearing perspectives. I got interested in Mark O’Connor and learning about his teaching methods for this very reason. I wish there were courses offered online versus singleton…[Read more]

  • For whatever reason, David Benedict uses Discord to complement his Patreon site. I’m more familiar with Slack since a lot of tech companies use it. I’ve used free groups to facilitate communication in graduate classes that I teach.

  • I’m pretty new here and maybe there is not much interest in Q&A or discussion by other members. The forum is lightly used and not great (sorry, I’m um a… techie. Please forgive me.) These days you can set up a really good “forum” by using Slack, Discord, Discourse, etc. very cheaply. I’ve found I’m a whole lot more engaged with my instrument…[Read more]