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    Anybody else tired of hearing the intro fiddle licks at the beginning of each and every video. I’d rather get on with it. That being said I love this site and I do have a mute button.

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    Yes. Totally sick of it and very happy to hear something different at the beginning of Andre Brunet’s video.

    I usually just skip past it and start after it’s over, but that’s a tiny hassle I would love to see gone.

    I too love this site, but I can catch a brand in half a second and would appreciate something much shorter beginning the videos. Perhaps they could use a branding intro only for people who haven’t subscribed, or only on the performance video and not on any of the instructions.

    There’s room for improvement, but it’s a small thing, eh.


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    Casey Willis

    Howdy, guys.

    Couldn’t agree more with the comments. We stopped putting the intro bumper on newly produced material last year, so all of the new videos coming out will be without any intro wait time. And I have plans to re-master older content in the future. But until that happens, I fear your mute button/skipping 15 seconds in is the solution.


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    So great to hear you are listening, Casey.

    Keep up the good work. Your site has great teachers and a fantastic collection of fiddle tunes.

    While I have your attention, have you considered broadening your genre. I am particularly interested in learning some Gypsy jazz ala Stephane Grappelli but I’m finding it difficult to get started.

    I would welcome a teacher who specialized in that style.

    Warmest regards


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      Casey Willis

      Thanks much for the positive feedback, sir.

      We definitely have plans to continue adding new instructors in other styles if playing. Jazz and swing would be up towards the top of the list, but I would prioritize adding a top-notch bluegrass or Cape Breton style instructor over jazz/swing, given how much interest there is.

      Good stuff…all part of the long-term plan. Thanks again for chiming in with these suggestions.

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    Hi there
    I am a new adult student to the fiddle. I am struggling with vibrato. Can you direct me to some great vibrato lessons?
    I really enjoy this site!!

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    One thing I really DO like is the inclusion of the guitar accompaniment to play along with. I have a tendency to rely on the instructor recording as a crutch. Then when I step away from the computer, realise that I don’t know the piece as well as I thought. Having only a rhythmic accompaniment forces me to be solid with the melody.

    I think you’re doing an amazing job, Casey. All your little tweaks to the site just keep making it better and better. Thank you!

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      Casey Willis

      Thx for the feedback, Ringlets.

      Yep – we’re always looking at ways to improve the site…glad to hear you find value in the guitar tracks. I use them myself when I’m practicing to clear off the mental cobwebs. 👍🏻👍🏻

      Fiddle on! More tunes/lessons in the works!


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