Fiddle Technique Tutorial – Vibrato

In this technique tutorial, Casey Willis discusses different types of vibrato and teaches the basics of his use of the technique. Open up the potential of your fiddle by coloring notes with this approach. There are several different versions of vibrato; this is Casey’s favorite.

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  1. Good idea about the film canister. Better grab one before they go extinct though! I also use a “shaker egg” percussion tool. Fits well in the hand and lends itself to rhythms if you’re listening to tunes. Sadly, it hasn’t helped much with my vibrato technique, but I’m hoping…!

    • Good point on extinction…the shaker egg will be around longer than the film canister!! And vibrato is one of those things that (at least for me) took a long time to master, and then one day, all the hard work paid off and it just kind of clicked…You’ll get it!


  2. I love hearing about all the little Tricks for learning Vibrato. In your quest let us know if you find out some new ones. Thanks for posting

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