Nashville Number System Lesson 2 – Chopping and Basic Fills

In this lesson, Megan Lynch Chowning discusses chopping and creating basic fills based on The Nashville Number System. While Megan teaches this series of lessons from a bluegrass standpoint, these concepts also apply to country, gospel, and other American styles of music. We hope you enjoy this excerpt of the course.

Here are links to the rest of this great lesson series:

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  1. When I started playing fiddle and I went to our bluegrass jams where I know for a fact that I’m very disliked. I brought my fiddle and a cheap chin cello I made. After jamming on 4-5 songs they nodded at me to solo. I chuckled “I’m strictly rhythm man! I don’t want to make it talk or sing!” I’ve played bass over 35 years. I hate solos but it’s what you have to do to play a nights worth of music in a bar. I’m slowly having to wrap my head around the fact that I’m now playing a “Solo” instrument. Ms. Megan’s number system lessons are invaluable.

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