Nashville Number System Lesson 3 – Advanced Fills & “The Money Lick”

In this lesson, Megan Lynch Chowning teaches advanced fiddle fills using The Nashville Number System. She also teaches “The Money Lick” – that great sequence of notes you should DEFINITELY know!! While Megan teaches this series of lessons from a bluegrass standpoint, these concepts also apply to country, gospel, and other American styles of music. We hope you enjoy this excerpt of the course.

Here are links to the rest of this great lesson series:

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  1. Super fun lesson! Thanks Megan!!

  2. Thank you for finally helping me remember what the heck the g chord looks like. I’ll never forget again

  3. I’ve always been prejudiced against people that hit G chords with their middle finger fretting the low string. It’s seems less resourceful than using the ring finger instead and using the pinky. Until I noticed often higher caliber guitarist often fret both the bottom strings with pinky or ring.

  4. The A/B function for looping a segment of the video, is a good feature. Forced repetition…Forced repetition…Forced repetition……

    • Awesome, Joe. Yep – I wish I had something like an A/B loop when I was learning tunes…the best the cool kids could manage in those days was a Marantz recorder with a half speed (and octave lower) function. It’s almost too easy now! Except for the whole no fret and bow thing…


  5. How do I access the A/B loop?

    • Hi, Stella.

      Once you press play on the video player at the top of the page, you can see a little icon labled “AB” in the lower right hand corner of the player. Click on that, and it brings up the slides in/out bar for the AB loop. As long as your play cursor is between the two points you set, the video will loop back to the first point when it reaches the second. Hope that helps!

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