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      Mr. Willis
      I s very much enjoy your music and greatly admire you as a teacher
      I just joined your group and play the diatonic harmonica
      I play it all by ear and your patience is very helpful as well as all the supporting features of your website
      your website should be an award wining model . I teach painting, I only wish I could have a website constructed on this model
      I wonder if you would teach us this tune “Yellow Stocking”
      it is also a dance tune in the Contra Dance community

      I am discovering a lot of new songs, so inspiring

      thank you

      Brigitte Curt

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Brigitte, and thanks for subscribing! Happy to hear you’re enjoying membership!!

      I took a look at that tune, and it seems to be a Celtic standard originally…I’ll pitch it to Kevin Burke and Hanneke Cassel…they may choose to record it! All the best!


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      thank you so much for your consideration

      but honestly and between us , and not to offend anyone, just a personal preference , I like YOUR teaching much better

      not only are you spending enough time, not talking too much about stuff around the piece, but actually destructuring patiently and you give music a soul

      that is a inner talent
      I am not even watching your fingers, but you teach so well I can catch it

      I am studying your waltz at the moment

      plenty to do there

      but I also Love Celtic music and you are the best teacher by far

      YOU are the reason I subscribed to the website

      what about having several teachers doing different interpretations?

      that would be fun when you run out of tunes ahah!

      what about Reel St. Antoine?

      I just learned it and it is played so fast,

      it is a bit of a mechanical tune to start with

      I have to slow it down

      an experienced musician like you can give feeling this this tune that seems to be treated as a competition – speed competition – all over the internet
      thank you so much for all you do for the advancement of fiddle tunes and now yu have a non fiddle student !

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