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      Hi folks,

      I’ve just bought a new, good quality student fiddle and while it plays well enough and is responsive, the tone seems just a bit “planky.” Not really bad but just like newish wood I guess. So my question is does wood age, or does tone mellow with playing and time?

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      Roland White

      Hi fan, Yes most of the time a fiddle sounds better the more it is played and as it ages. The wood does change over time and affects the tone usually in a positive way. But a fiddle that is played a lot also can change to better tone also with the time factor. I’m sure the bow is adequate but bows will sound different on different fiddles so you might try some different bows if you’re in a music shop and see if a different bow might have a better tone on your fiddle. Thanks for posting your comment. Regards, Roland

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        Thanks Roland. I like this fiddle and hope to keep it for awhile. Still trying to figure out what strings to use. I’ve got two decent bows and not only do they sound different, but the diameter of the older one is smaller and that is the bow that pulls a more mellow sound. The new bow grabs the strings better pulling more volume but the tone seems to recede a bit. Sheesh. Well, I think concentrating on playing is the thing right now.

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      It’s true, my fiddle sounded like shit when I first got it. Of course, I hadn’t learned to play it yet.

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        Ha! A marketing line from the music teachers association? But seriously, all too true. Sigh.

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      They definitely get better the more they are played. I got a violin off ebay that hadn’t been played since the 40’s at least. no strings or tailpiece or even a nut. I got it fixed and it was just ok. I was disappointed but I kept it. I’ve been playing it for several years now and people have complimented on its tone. It has changed a great deal after playing on it every day. warmer, more resonant. It can vibrate freely now.
      FAN6 how is your fiddle now after almost a year?

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      There is no evidence whatsoever that age alone causes tone to improve in a violin.

      Many things can change the tone dramatically including set-up, strings (kind and quality), sound-post adjustments, bridge, etc., so it is impossible to prove that age alone has any effect on tone, good or bad.

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