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    Thank you Ulla. That’s it. Whoever transcribed this from the film doesn’t hear it exactly like I do but it’s basically the same tune. Go to YouTube and check out “Ella’s Waltz” It is a lovely scene.

  • Does anyone know where I can find sheet music for Ella’s Waltz from the movie ‘Heaven’s Gate’ I’m trying to get it from a YouTube clip but that a clumsy way to learn it and I keep reinforcing my mistakes.

  • Hello Dee, I have a pretty good warm up book. It’s just a wee booklet put out by Mel Bay’s people and written by Carol Ann Wheeler. It’s called ‘Warm-ups for the Violinist’. It’s not just scales and arpeggios but also lots of other calisthenics and such. It has a CD in the back. You might find it on-line.