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      Hi all,
      Suggestions for a waltz (intermediate and advancing…) that might combine well with Jerusalem Ridge? Don’t wanna play something that is heard all the time….but something ‘real purdy’….! Third tune not selected yet, suggestions appreciated.
      Is there somewhere online that has suggested old time contest combinations?
      Hey, I’ll be in the senior division, first time ever in a contest, if I decide to…just thought it might make me get in better fiddle shape, and a fun challenge.
      PS – Its old time fiddle only.

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      • This topic was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by Likes2Fiddle.
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      Amelia’s Waltz is quite nice, and not to hard to play!

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      Roland White

      Hi Martha, I agree with UNCLEATED on Amelia’s Waltz. Great tune that covers the entire fingerboard in 1st position and not played much in contests that I’ve heard. Have fun its a lovely tune. Best Roland

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Martha.

      Jerusalem Ridge is in Am…I might look at a waltz in the key of C to give the round a bit of a lift…Country Waltz and Roxanne’s are two good old-time choices…

      Or you might go with a G key waltz…maybe Westphalia?

      Best of luck!!


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        Thank-you. I love the waltz that you wrote sometime ago, it modulated to b flat I think (or F M?). Could I play that, or is it “not old enough?” Thanks, M

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