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    Hello Everyone,

    Just joined this wonderful site and I’m already diving into the tunes, specifically Andre and Hanneke.

    This may be a dumb question, but how often are new lessons posted? One a month? One every other month? or?

    I read in a previous post that you could vote for which lesson would be published before the others, but was wondering how often the new lessons appear.

    Thanks for the wonderful site and lessons!


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    PS, I meant Newbie to this site, not into fiddling. Looking back, I would think most of the material here is pretty intermediate to advanced to a complete new fiddler.

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Shawn.

      Thanks for joining up…and agreed that the content is targeted towards folks who already know the basics of fiddling.

      Under normal circumstances, you could expect 2-4 new lessons per month to be published. That said, I am unfortunately away from the production side of things for the next 6-8 weeks. We may be tackling a website refresh project during that time frame, but I doubt we’ll be publishing any additional lessons…which is tough given that we currently have more lessons recorded and unpublished than published/available on the site.

      So in a couple of months, you can expect to start seeing new lessons. I hope that at least see some new content.

      Feel free to vote…that’s still considered as we produce new lessons.

      All the best!!


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      Thank you so much Casey for the response and information. Looking forward to future lessons and good luck on the website upgrades. I’ll be sure to vote for upcoming lessons! PS Anything from André.

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    Roland White

    Hi Shawn thanks for the comments glad you like the site. I’ll pass this on to webmaster. He will appreciate your input. All the best, Roland Forum Moderator

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