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      Casey Willis

      Howdy, folks.

      Just a note to let you all know that Megan is currently back in the Fiddlevideo studios to record her second batch of lessons…even as we work behind the scenes to produce the rest of her first session!

      This afternoon, she recorded some classic tunes which have definitely been requested over the past few years…many more to follow! SO far, she has recorded Maiden’s Prayer, Midnight on the Water (crosstuned & standard tuning), Craftan’s Blues, and Huckleberry Hornpipe.

      I’ll post the final list of tunes she ends up recording in this thread when we wrap up next Tuesday…stay tuned!

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      Casey Willis

      Alright. We just wrapped up Megan’s second recording session for the project. Here is the full list of tunes and technique videos Megan recorded:

      Amazing Grace
      Back up and Push
      Big Country
      Big Mon
      Big Sciota
      Blue Moon of Kentucky
      Cherokee Shuffle
      Crafton’s Blues
      Dusty’s Hornpipe
      East Tennessee Blues
      Eva Anne Waltz
      Flatbush Waltz
      Gold Rush
      Huckleberry Hornpipe
      Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
      Maiden’s Prayer
      Memory Waltz (50 Years Ago Waltz)
      Midnight on the Water
      Midnight Waltz
      Misty’s Waltz
      New Camptown Races
      Old South Waltz
      Pete’s Waltz
      Red Apple Rag
      Salt Creek
      Snow Shoes
      Velvet Waltz

      Technique Tutorials:
      Reverse Shuffle
      Fiddle Turnarounds (Classic Country)
      Where to Start as a Subscriber

      Megan did an amazing job, and we can’t wait to release all of these new lessons. We will continue to work to record guitar tracks for these tunes, and as they are ready to go, you will see these great lessons show up on the website.

      Cheers, all!


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        Samuel Vallery

        Excellent! Most of those tunes are either on my “need to learn”, or “I could learn this one better” lists . Thanks so much for adding Megan and her emphasis on bluegrass fiddling to your website. I have thought about joining several times in the past, but since I lean heavily toward bluegrass music, the addition of Megan to your site finally convinced me to get onboard. Great choice of a teacher, too!!

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        Casey Willis

        Hi, Samuel. Thanks for signing up! I couldn’t agree more about Megan. Her teaching chops are as good as her playing chops, and that’s no small feat. Welcome to the website, sir!


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      Mark Llewellyn

      I’m patiently waiting for Megans tunes. I want to learn Huckleberry Hornpipe from Byron Berline and fifty years Ago waltz and Old South Waltz. Can we speed up the production of the backups…please, I’ve been waiting since July and I’m getting Old…68′.

      Thank You!

      I’ve got Cincinnatti Rag, Gypsie Waltz and Cattle in the Cane, as well as Jeans Reel, Beaumont Rag, and Tugboat since I joined up to playing speed. I love the sight…Mark

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        Casey Willis

        Hi, Mark, and thanks for chiming in! Yes – we’re unfortunately in a holding pattern on backup tracks from Megan’s most recent session due to Covid/travel issues among other things. The good news is we do already have backups recorded for several more of Megan’s lessons recorded during her initial session…you should actually see three more lessons published this week from Megan.

        Glad to hear you’re enjoying membership, and trust me, we can’t wait to get the rest of her material out there!


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        Casey Willis

        Hi again, Mark.

        Peter and I spent the past weekend in the studio and recorded a bunch more backup tracks. I made sure we cut the three tunes you listed. Crying Waltz is almost ready for release, and then the next three tunes from Megan will be those you asked for…stay tuned!

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