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      Paul Fay

      Hi, my old bridge snapped in two on my fiddle, I bought a replacement and shaved it down to the exact size of the old one except its a bit thicker. Now i’m replacing it is there a sweet spot it needs to go on and does it have to be at 90 degrees to the fiddle?
      Thanks in advance for tips

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Paul.

      A general rule of thumb would be to position the bridge between the notches on each F-hole and then adjust towards/away from the fingerboard to suit your ear. That said, I’d recommend having your instrument set up by a luthier who works on a lot of fiddles/violins…they are worth the $, in my opionion. Best of luck!

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      Paul Fay

      Thanks for this, will drop it in to the pros, very wise advice. I am really enjoying this site, cheers again

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