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    Hi Andre,
    I just wanted to say I’m excited to see you are going to be on I’m a big fan and so happy to be able to learn from you, in addition to all the other amazing fiddlers on this site. If you start taking requests, I would love love love to see you do a tutorial on Maison de Glace/Le Printemps. It is a great tune and you play it beautifully. Anyways, thanks for joining the community.

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    Casey Willis

    Hi, Rorylaney.

    Andre isn’t on the site very often, but I’ll pass your comments onto him. I’d love to get him back in the studio…maybe later next year. We’ll be pulling together a request list at that time, and I’ll make sure this tune is on the list.

    All the best!!


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    It’s funny, lots of folks I know in NJ/PA (and New England) play Maison de glace but don’t know Le printemps. Guess they don’t have all of Andre’s albums!

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    I second the Maison de Glace/Le Printemps request.

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