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    Casey Willis

    Hi all fellow fiddlers!!!!

    When Niall was in the studio, we took a break to play through this great Trad Irish air. I’ll get this video up here on the site once we have Niall’s lesson on Danny Boy published…but in the mean time, check out this video of us playing the tune:

    Peace, and enjoy the tune!!!

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    Maybe he should have taught this version, just sayin, super!

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    Casey Willis

    Yep, Ted. He did record a different performance and lesson tutorials for the melody…I may have to record a lesson teaching some of the harmony parts I was playing…good stuff!!


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    Sounds good Casey, looking forward to that, and yes I wish you would record some harmony to this as well.

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    Roland White

    Wow, I think I missed this lovely post. Thank you Casey and Niall, beautiful playing and what a nice treat to hear two five strings singing together. Best Ro

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    Ron Davison

    Five Stars all the way. Really nice guys!

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