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      I’m saving up for a new fiddle and bow currently. I mainly play Trad. Irirsh music and was wondering whether the CodaBow Joule would be a good option.

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      Aysha Hoffman

      Looks like a very nice bow – I tried a coda bow when I upgraded, they have a ton of great reviews from all styles (although my playing did not do it justice) it was a lovely bow, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

      I am not sure if the fiddle matches the bow, seen fiddlers pick up basically anything and play like they owned it, but that wasn’t me, (I barely play my own like I own it) but I was in need of an upgrade…so I blind tested 5 in my price range, I didn’t even know there were so many different bows…..I picked one I had not even considered (my husband joked that it was like me – an expensive little thing!) but it felt great and sounded just as I had imagined.

      If you have the option, maybe you could try some – who knew there was so much in a bow…and a fiddle!

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      Hey there,

      I have a Codabow Joule and don’t regret getting it. I got it when I got a 5 string fiddle to have a bit a weightier bow for the C string. The bow works perfectly well for this purpose but I like it so much that I am using it also often on a 4 string. It depends on the occasion.

      The Joule comes with the advantage of being more robust than a wooden bow so I use that preferably when fiddling outdoors or at jams (yep, only with vaccinated friends) etc. I am comparing this to my nice wooden bow which I would prefer in more calm settings, probably. Both bows are producing sounds which have different qualities to them.

      What Aysha says though rings true – the bow needs to match the fiddle. The Joule produces a very nice sound though on all instruments but my nice (aka expensive) wooden bow creates a warmer more broader sound I would prefer in perhaps solo playing or calmer settings.

      For fiddling though, especially together with other players I’d prefer the Joule. It also feels very good.

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      Casey Willis

      Good feedback, Aysha & Kitegal.

      I believe Patti Kusturok plays with a Coda Joule…seems like a solid choice to me.


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