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      Maybe interesting to someone? Being that hardanger fiddle are hard to come by. I had one made, it took 6 months to be made. I final got the instrument and I love it. I also had a Nyckelharpa made which is even harder to get. Only took 8 months to have made. Just got that yesterday.

      While on this journey I ran across a Clog Fiddle or Wooden Shoe Fiddle and looked into seeing if I could find a maker. I did find one in Sweden. The luthier had just finished making one. So I was lucky to get one. The instrument was hand made from a 100 year old wooden shoe.

      It’s something to check out!

      Kind Regards,
      Rob Hanson

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      Casey Willis

      Very cool on both counts, Rob. I’ve never heard of a clog fiddle before, but there’s a ton I don’t know about the fiddling that goes on in that neck of the woods. Have you checked out the Vasen Nyckelharpa player? Awesome stuff.

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