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      Gayle Peterson

      I am coming back from having broken my right wrist, and am using a 3/4 bow. Has anyone had any experience or any advice to give about re learning bowing technique and making it better after a break?

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      Roland White

      HI Gayle, I’ve never had that specific problem but plenty of others over the years. My only suggestion is to follow the advice of your PT experts to get back up to full strength and do the exercises they recommend. If you have some bowing exercises you’ve done in the past you can add those in as your strength returns, or tune in to the Tutorials for brushing up on different bow techniques that will help too. Have fun fiddling in your recovery. Best from FV, Roland Forum Moderator

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Gayle.

      That sounds like no fun at all. I would second Roland’s suggestion regarding the PT…stretching is really important even when not recovering from an injury – I’d say it’s even more important for you right now. All the best in your recovery!!

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