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      Hi, Casey
      Loving the site, and thanks for all the backstage work you’ve put in to create it.

      One feature that would make the site more usable for me, at least, would be the ability to be able to click on a Tune Bookmark menu after I’ve logged on. It would be easier to navigate back to the tunes I’m working on without having to use the keyboard so much. Would that be a difficult thing to add?


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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Ringlets.

      You’re one of several folks who have recently requested the ability to bookmark a lesson.

      We’ve updated the website so now at the bottom of each lesson, you will see a button labeled “Bookmark”. Just click on that button to select the lesson for your bookmark library.

      Lessons you have bookmarked will show up in the sidebar, and we’ve also placed a link on the top menu to allow you to see all of your bookmarked/favorited lessons (if you are logged into the site).

      Let us know what you think of this feature…any enhancements to make? Is it working OK for you? Feel free to chime in, Fiddlevideo subscribers!!

      All the best, and we hope this new feature is helpful.


      Casey & The Fiddlevideo Team

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        Roland White

        Hi Casey Hey the new site feature for bookmarking the tunes is awesome. Thanks, Roland

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      It works really well! Thanks again, Casey! <3

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      This is a great feature. Thanks for adding. A few comments: The “bookmark” button really needs to be at the TOP of the page for each lesson. New user behavior is most likely to come into this site and peruse all the great content. And when they do, they’ll want to create a list or a “learning path”. It’s just extra legwork to keep scrolling to the bottom of every lesson to bookmark it.

      Also, from the bookmarking section on the sidebar, you should allow the user to manage the bookmark list from there (i.e. delete, reorder the list).

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      oh yeah…I also second @Ringlets comment about adding the Bookmark list to the homepage (or the page you land on after logging in) This list is probably the single most important enhancement to this site. Definitely worth putting some more effort into fine tuning it…but I’m sure working with a WordPress site is a bear! 🙂

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      Casey Willis

      Appreciate the feedback, Mark. I agree that the link would be better at the top of each post…we’ll see if there is a way to make that change globally without having to update the 600+ posts on the site. You can delete the list from the sidebar (the Clear Bookmarks option), but in looking at the code, we don’t see an easy way to allow users to drag/drop or bump up to reorder bookmarks. Keep an eye out for the new tab at the top of each page which appears when you are logged into the site named “Bookmarked Lessons”. You can also get to it here if you are logged in:

      The feature is a work in process…we’ll keep fine tuning. And yes, WordPress is what it is…

      Thanks again for the feedback!


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      Select a bookmarked tune, bookmark again, and it disappears from list, not ideal but it works 🙂

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