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    Would like to have lesson and sheet music on Bitter Creek. Been learning the tune out of The Fiddlers
    Fake book but seems to be missing some parts to it. Been listening to the song on bing videos and what i’m hearing doesn’t match what’s in the book. I know that a lot of players add their own version of the tune also and I’m sure that’s a big part of what I’m hearing.

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    Roland White

    Hi JW, I will pass your suggestion on to FV webmaster Casey. I know that currently Casey has a huge backlog of new content he is editing and he is always planning on the next batch of tunes.

    BTW love that tune and I have heard it played many styles from strictly a 2 part oldtime tune to a highly revised 4-5 part Texas Contest fiddle tune. It never matters which style I hear it as i like it however it is played and I’m happily surprised at all the different variations I have heard. YouTube might have some recordings for you too.

    Thanks for your suggestion and happy fiddling. Roland Forum Moderator

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    Hey thanks for the feedback! I’ll check out YouTube as well.
    Wish all of you at Fiddle Videos a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

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    Casey Willis

    Good tune, JW. Added to the list for the future. RW is right…too many tunes not enough time!!!


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