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      Scott Cassidy

      Hi, I know there are already some great guitar backing tracks for some of the lessons on here but I was wondering if there are other sites that you know of for practicing tunes over? Also it would be great if the backing tracks on here could be grouped in one place and arranged by song type or key or range of keys i.e. a guitar backing track for a reel that starts in D, goes to A, then back to D. This is a lot to ask but it would help for practicing sets of tunes like how you would do in a session.

      Love this site.


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      Roland White

      His Scott, Forum moderator here. Those are some great ideas Scott and I’m sure Casey will respond in person about it. In the meantime I have found a website that if you know the tunes its a nice mellow session of other players at learning speed so you can play along with them. They have downloadable resources too. They go by donation to keep the site going but you can also do the free stuff. Here is a link if you want to check it out. Another idea is to grab your fav guitar session player and ask if he will lay some tracks down for you at the speed you’re working on and as many times as you need. I’ve also used drumbeats and found in someways better than a metronome. I’m sure you could find some 4/4 drum beats on the web. Thanks for your comments and really glad you like this site. Let us know how you’re doing and I’m sure Casey will respond to your questions.

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      And if you have the audio files, you can use e.g. the free DAW “Audacity” to create new copies at a lower speed without altering the pitch, so you can get exactly the tempo you want (and you can also transpose an audio file without altering the tempo if you need that).

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Scott. Thanks for the kind words, sir! I hear what you’re saying. It sounds as though you’d like to create a playlist with backup tracks to practice with. I’ll email you an option, sir. Thanks!!

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