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    Just a thought on the backing track.

    The guitar backing obviously gives a full sound to the over all sound on the performance video.,
    but Sometimes I can find this distracting when I’m trying to listen and play along with a tune I’m learning..
    I know the basic and advanced videos don’t have backing but they aren’t the same as hearing the performance video in its raw form.
    The Kevin Burke tutorials don’t have the backing track and I find this very useful.
    It’s just a suggestion of course and would mean less work for the production team.

    I would be interested to know what others think?


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    Hi Devanny,

    Yes, it can be distracting (especially when the tune has a lot of difficulties), i agree, but i prefer myself to have them on the performance video because it helps when i play alone with the backing track.

    I have rhythmic issues and i’m not fully autonomous : so when i play with the backtrack, it can be helpful for me to go listening again the performance video with the guitar so i can hear and understand the articlulations, and then play alone with the back track.

    But then again, it’s just that i’m not autonomous when it’s about rhythm, so i can understand that it can be a distraction for others.

    Plus, i play alone at my place most of the time so i find that nice to have people who play “with me” : it gives me the habit to pay attention to others and not being totally focus on me and my playing.

    I guess it’s all the complexity when people have different levels and work habits : we don’t have the same process and some of us have “tricks”… 😉

    Kind regards,

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    Roland White

    Hi there D & S,

    Thanks for posting those comments. All musicians struggle with rhythm at some point so any tips on how to deal with it are always appreciated. I’ve found over the years that musicians are very resourceful for working around issues that don’t always have easy solutions.

    The part I like about the back up tracks the most are that it allows top level performance backup if your usual live players aren’t available. This real time setting is easier found when you have rehearsed ahead of time and are now performing. It falls in line with your practice and is ready for your performance setting.

    Have fun, thanks for the comments,
    Roland Forum Moderator

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    Hi There,
    Thank you very much for your feedback Sabrina.
    It looks like you find the backing track more useful than distracting.
    So anything that helps a musician get a grip on a tune I’m all for.
    I had been concentrating mostly on Kevin Burkes tunes (which doesn’t have accompaniment) and just lately I decided to dip a toe in the other tutorials.
    I hadn’t realised the SoundCloud track was just the guitar backing. I can see how that could be useful, so thanks for that tip.
    I agree it’s best to be playing with other musicians, although that can have its issues depending on who you’re playing with, it should always be a “conversation”.
    I had thought about getting a Metronome to check my timing but have heard the good and the bad so haven’t decided yet.

    All the best

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