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    I think it would be awesome if you had an app for phones for some mobile learning.

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    Would the sound on your phone be loud enough to play along? I don’t think mine would. :\

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    Casey Willis

    Howdy, Gwichin.

    Good thought. We have used a mobile-friendly web design so the majority of the site features should work on mobile devices, but I know that a stand-alone mobile app could potentially provide additional mobile functionality…that said, the current focus is to build up the library of lessons…

    I will table this idea for the next round of tech/dev work…at some point, it will make sense to expand this company and look at upgrading our content delivery…and a mobile app would be something to consider at that point.

    Thx for the suggestion, and fiddle on!


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    Yes I wonder could an app help with accessing the lessons easier?
    For example keeping instructors and tunes your working on saved in one place.
    I find if I’m working on a particular lesson and want to get back to it I have to choose the instructor from the drop down list
    And them click through the pages of lessons until I find the one I want.
    But maybe someone else has found an easier way of doing this?

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Devanny.

      I agree that we can definitely build out functionality in the future, whether on this site or via app. I agree that having a personal “bucket” to put your favorite tunes/tunes you are working on would be helpful.

      We’re a way off from a site rebuild (I hope). That said, we are committed to leveraging technology to deliver the best fiddle lesson content on the web…so I know we’ll be looking at ways to enhance delivery/presentation going forward…

      Thanks for the input, and fiddle on!


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