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    Anyone else on Fiddlevideo wear hearing aids? Any tips or tricks you’ve learned? I have to buy a new pair and I’m looking for the ones that will make me play perfectly in tune with great tone 😉
    I am pretty excited about newer technology such as being able to stream music directly into my ears from an iphone/ipad via Bluetooth – no headphones needed.


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    Hi Andrea-
    I have been wearing hearing aids for about 3 yrs. now. When I first tried fiddling with the
    hearing aids in I would get a terrible sound in my ears. I wanted to continue wearing them so I
    could hear other musicians speak when jamming or performing. My Audiologist finally got a program
    from the hearing aid company to install to solve the problem. They said the sounds from the
    fiddle so close to the ears led to distortion as the programming in the hearing aids did not know
    how to deal with it.
    Can’t say as they have given me perfect intonation on the fiddle but I can say that the folks
    here at Fiddlevideo have helped my playing immensely!


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      Casey Willis

      Thanks for the kind words, Gordon!

      Best of luck, Andrea!


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    Thanks Gordon. I’ll keep your experience in mind when I get my new hearing aids this week. And I agree – Fiddlevideo is excellent!

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