Fiddle Technique Lesson – Double Stops

In this technique tutorial, Casey Willis discusses basic and advanced fiddle double stops. This lesson covers the beginning phrases of Ashokan Farewell, basic and advanced practice exercises, and much more.

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  1. Great video lesson on learning hoe play “Double Stops!” This is going to make a lot of us want-a-bee fiddle players who’ve been struggling with this technique very happy.
    Thank you Casey!

  2. Casey,
    In the double stop technique video on page 6 what is the name of the waltz you are playing at the 25.54 mark of the video.
    You say a beautiful waltz in the key of B flat, but I can’t tell if that is the name of the waltz or you just mean it is a beautiful waltz. I can’t find any tune by that name.

  3. Thank you Casey,
    I don’t know how anyone could not get there money’s worth if they are serious about practicing.
    The hard part is transitioning to jams and playing with others.

  4. Hi Kenny, I sure agree with you on the quality of Casey’s lessons and chops…all the elements that make great music, with melody, rhythm and groove. Excited to hear you’re making progress. Best, Roland Forum Moderator

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