Dot the Dragon’s Eyes


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Here is the performance video for the original tune, Dot the Dragon’s Eyes, composed by Fiddlevideo instructor Hanneke Cassel. This is definitely an advanced, fast moving tune, but it’s a really great reel to have under your hat. Hanneke breaks down a basic and advanced version of the melody in this lesson module.

Download Performance TrackClick HERE to download the performance audio MP3 file to your computer. Once you transfer the file to your mobile device, you can hear the tune whenever you wish! Listening to the audio performance is a great way to prepare to learn this tune…

Sheet Music for the Basic Melody:

Sheet Music
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  1. I would enjoy learning some of the tunes that are on Hanneke’s album “Calm The Raging Sea”!

  2. Thank you so much for the lesson on this tune. One of my inspirations to learn the fiddle was actually that recording. Very fun to take my (rudumentary) beginer skills to the next level with trying this one. Love the slow-downing feature on the player for that reason 🙂
    Hanneke – I love all your disks/compositions, plase post more (so delighted to se that you have also a lesson on Leila’s birthday, woohoo!).

  3. How do you make the loops work?

    • HI, Kevin. You click the A/B Looping button. That will expand the playback controls to include an A point and a B point. You drag them along the play line to select the section you want repeated. Then, as long as your playback cursor is within those two points, you will return to point A when the playback cursor reaches point B.

      Hope that helps, sir. Thanks!!


      • thanks Casey, I’m getting it already. I have an app for my IPad called PocketHz that has similar feature where you can load any tunes you have and slow them down or loop them but I can’t get the controls to work so your stuff has been a great help, my fiddling has gotten better already.
        thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much!
    Powerful composition. Bravo!
    This tune challenges me and I hope to play it soon…
    Since I have this program I practice every day again :-)….so inspiring
    wonderful music and top lessons. My technique improves very fast with a lot of fun I never had in my classical time.
    Its a blessing.

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