Pairing Irish Fiddle Tunes in a Set

Kevin Burke talks about pairing Irish fiddle tunes in a set in this free fiddle lesson. In Trad Irish fiddle music, tunes are often paired up in groups to create a “set” of tunes. Many recordings of such sets have become standards over time, and you can hear those sets played in many sessions.

What should you keep in mind when you decide to lead from one fiddle tune into another? What tunes work well with each other? These are some really good questions for folks who wish to create their own unique set of Trad Irish fiddle tunes.

Kevin Burke passes along his thoughts on this subject in this video. This lesson was requested by one of our members, and Kevin does a great job with the topic. Enjoy!!

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  1. Kevin, to answer your question, “Yes. That was a help. Thanks for that.” 🙂

  2. Very helpful and informative. Enjoyed listening.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Miss Elaine,

    Thanks for posting your comment, we appreciate the feedback. I’m always interested in how tune pairings come together. I like to catch sessions in different areas where tunes will be paired with some of your favorites and always is a fertile ground for new ideas of coupling tunes. Best regards, Roland Forum Moderator

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