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      Is there a way to get a list of all the tunes (with their tune type, key, and who it is taught by) in one nice list? It is difficult to have to poke through, page by page, instructor by instructor, to find what to work on next. I’ll bet you have such a list in excel format or something – if you offered it as a pdf or spreadsheet format that could be downloaded that would be great. If you could even just email such a thing I’d love it. I want to “try out” everything the site has to offer and it is rather daunting as it stands now.
      I do love the ability to bookmark what I find so I can grab it quickly later.
      Thank you!

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Michelle.

      That’s an interesting idea. It might be nice to have a single page which lists all tunes/lessons…perhaps, as you suggest, including some form of filtering which allows search by key. I’ll do some thinking on the best way we might include that.

      Right now, you can search on tune type and instructor using the drop down categories…but not by key. And the results page only shows 12 results at a time…and now that we have so many lessons available, it might be time to look at a way to update that.

      Thanks for pitching this idea…I’ll think it over and talk to the tech team…


Viewing 1 reply thread
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