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      Hmmm… I was thinking about tonal/rhythm practice roots. Pretending that a violinist/fiddler is missing a finger is kind of morbid, but for a moment lets pretend a fiddler is missing their middle finger. Does anyone have anything to say about practicing scales and tonal strikes with different rhythms. It has really enhanced my play!

      Oh, how I came across this, I accidently shaved a third of the side of my middle finger off on a table saw, OUCH! Its healing nicely. I will be able to hit some sharps and flats tighter when it heals, but I don’t recommend it. I’ve been accused of being a “Bright Side” person.

      I’m thinking Hanneke might have rhythm ideas and Casey might have tonal/vibrato ideas. or…?

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      Casey Willis

      Hi Renewcold. Sorry to hear of the table saw incident, but glad to hear you are finding success with scales over different rhythms. That is a really good way to feel the groove, so to speak. You’re right, Hanneke has some good tips on rhythms/grooves to practice with.

      I can tell you that many times when I’m playing my way through a tune, I find myself in a place where my improving has left me way out on a branch musically. To get back, I either (1) fall back on a lick that may be easy but brings me closer to home or (2) do some bowing patterns over the chord I’m playing on using the groove of the beat.

      Trying to do that missing part of a finger will be a challenge for sure, but don’t forget Django R!!!

      Best of luck!

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      Roland White

      Hi Renewcold, Wow sorry to hear of your mishap but like a good survivor you have figured out how to keep practicing.

      I don’t know that I have good rhythm ideas for you but since you’re injured you might choose to do some Bow work. What is that most fiddler ask ??? Actually it is a simple practice routine with the Metronome set at 60 bpm, one second per beat and with your best bow grip practice straight bows, in the sweet spot of your fiddle between bridge and finger board with even pressure and try to create even consistent tone while bowing the full length of your bow.

      Practice bowing with4, 8, 12 & 16 second bows (60 bpm )on the metronome. Most fiddle music is 4-8-12 & 16 beats in the music styles of Reels, Waltz and hornpipes so it really helps getting more bow control and bow effects with this practice. About a minute or two working up to 32 to 64 seconds for building strength,muscle memory and control in each time segment and about 5 minutes overall. You will begin to notice a lot more control in only a week or so. After a month a real difference.

      I would also recommend watching Casey’s Bow technique video for a few more ideas with the bowing that will really help your overall fiddling as your finger heals up. He has some good right hand exercises to encourage a loose wrist and more control of the bow. Thanks for posting and let us know how you’re doing after your recovery. Best regards, Roland, Forum Moderator

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