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    I recently watched a YouTube video featuring Hanneke Cassel playing a slip jig. I am wondering if this particular tune has a name (the title of the video just refers to it as “Slip Jig.” Here is the link: The title of the video is “Slip Jig” with Hanneke Cassel @ GMW 2015.

    Thank you!

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    Casey Willis

    I’ll ask Hanneke to take a look. Stay tuned…

    P.S., John Oliver is KILLING IT on that gourd fiddle thingy!!!


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    Roland White

    HI Shannon, I love Celtic music and Slip Jigs in 9/8 time always seem to have a unique and distinctive sound. This is wonderful clip of musical synergy and I agree with Casey the Gourd Fiddle player is amazing, as well as the entire group. BTW, I cannot identify the tune either. Thanks so much for sharing. Roland

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    Thank you both for taking a look at the video. I agree, the gourd fiddle is very unique and beautiful when played. I think that slip jig is so pretty!

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    I believe that may be Fig for a Kiss. Lovely.

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    Hanneke Cassel

    Hi Shannon! I learned that slip jig from an album by Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis called “Skyedance”. On the liner notes, it is simply listed as “Slip Jig” and that’s all I know! And Fig for a Kiss is a different (and yes… very lovely 🙂 ) tune.

    Thanks – Hanneke

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    Roland White

    Hi Hanneke, Thanks for letting us all know what is behind that lovely tune. BTW awesome performance of the tune with your fellow players. Best, Roland

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    Thank you, Hanneke, for the information about the slip jig. I loved hearing you play it with the other musicians!


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    It sounds very much like “The Low Country Dance”, aka “Country Dance”, or “Lochaber Dance”.

    There is sheet music and abc notation for it on (a great place to look for sheet music!):

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    Roland White

    Hi Ulla,

    Thank you for the post. This is good information for FV members who are looking for sheet music notation on 1000’s of tunes. You can also get midi files of the tunes if you learn by ear. The Session also sends out a weekly update of new tunes to the data base and interesting forum topics. A lot of tunes have more than one name attributed to them and its a good resource if you have heard the same tune with different titles, especially when you play with folks from different areas. kind regards, R

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