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      So how are people handling the session drought during Covid?

      Have tried Zooming, but there’s often a pretty nasty time lag.

      Two of my friends and I have met in a State Park picnic area (it has a roof) a couple of times, but we’re weather dependent to a great degree. I do hate the heat (and will probably complain of the cold in a few months, LOL)

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      Roland White

      Hi Ringlets, Last session our music peeps did was on Leap day 2020 in February right before it blew up with virus. I was going to try for a Solstice Session but our State spiked so we cancelled it. I did play with one guitar buddy but to make up for it I’m back to playing everyday and have a new batch of tunes I’m working on. Thanks for chiming in on the forum, Best Roland Forum Moderator

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