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    Is there an order to learning the Scottish Fiddle Ornaments? What is the order in which I should study the tutorials in order to learn the ornament techniques most efficiently and with best technique? Could you all please number the video segments? Some of the techniques build on others, and I find following the ornament videos a bit unwieldy without numbering.

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    Casey Willis

    Hi, FM.

    Hanneke uses these ornamentations fairly frequently, with “The Scrunch” being the least used technique. I would start with The Cut, The Hammer On and The Flick as these are simpler and other techniques point back to these.

    The Waterfall is more difficult and is based on the Flick, so learn the Flick before tackling the Waterfall. Same with The Roll and The Wiggle…these are more advanced, so learn them after the others.

    I would recommend reviewing all of these technique videos and then referring back to them as you work through a tune Hanneke teaches…

    I’ll think about numbering these…might be a good idea to reformat them into some suggested order of learning.

    Hope that helps!


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      Thanks. That’s a big help.

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    I love those grace note tutorials and the grooves as well. Very helpful. right now the Jig is in the list twice under grooves. is there supposed to be something else?
    Is a march another category to be covered?

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      Casey Willis

      Good catch, RenJenn. Should be fixed now. Good question on March…I’ll ask Hanneke if it’s worth covering the next time she’s in-studio. Thx!

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