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      Hi–have been working on the lovely Da Slockit Light this week. I’ve noticed that Hanneke incorporates plenty of ornaments: flicks, hammer-ons, grace notes, double-stops. However, she doesn’t use slides in the piece. I’m wondering: is that just her personal preference, or are slides considered too “heavy” for airs? Thanks for your help!

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      Roland White

      Hi Poetmom, that is a good question as I never have taken notice of it. However a general reflection is that I’ve consistently observed masters of fiddle music tastefully use their ornamentation and with it inventiveness because they have complete control of all the techniques to color the music with slurs, slides, flicks and all the rest. Kevin Burke on this site displays a tasteful use of slides in his instructional videos. Personally I like to be able to use whatever I feel at the moment to ornament now and in the past I was more repetitive which can get boring. It will be interesting to get Casey’s thoughts on your question so check in with us thanks for your questions.

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