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      Patti Kusturok

      It was just over one year ago that I had begun recording my new album.

      Today, I’m so excited to announce that the CDs have arrived and are available for purchase on my web site!

      The first “Momentum” item you’ll see is the physical CD, which comes with a download. If you just want to get the downloaded album, scroll down a little and you should see it.

      Jeremy Rusu played all of the backup on this recording, and it contains a lot of tunes that I just simply love to play. Those tunes that when you first hear them, they pull you in. Jeremy, as always, put his heart and soul into this and made it so special.

      Casey’s Old Time Waltz was my dad’s favourite. He would always ask me to play it for him, and it’s always been near and dear to my hear.

      Chokecherry Jam is an Ed Peekeekoot tune that I saw him play in a Facebook video and I instantly knew that I had to learn it.

      Houston On My Mind is a Frankie Rodgers tune that I love to play at old time dances.

      See where I’m going with this? 🙂

      I also want to tell you about the cover art. Cheney Lansard and I went to school together in Lorette, Manitoba, Canada. He was the kid who always drew on the desks. Today he is a fabulous artist. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook making the world much smaller, I have kept up with him and whenever he posts his paintings and drawings, I am amazed at what emotion I can see in his subjects. On a whim I asked him if he would consider doing a painting for this album cover, and he agreed. All I needed to do was find the title… became “Momentum.” I think he did such a great job and I invite you all to look him up and check out his work.

      As always, thanks to everyone for your support. I love making videos and sharing them freely, but it’s the selling of CDs, the performing, the teaching, and the rest of the hard work that allows us musicians to survive. I appreciate every sale, every student, and every booking I’m hired for, and am grateful to be able to do this for a living.

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      Casey Willis

      Awesome, Patti!!

      I can’t wait to get you to autograph me a copy…perhaps your next recording session…

      Folks – you can’t go wrong with this new album from Patti…great stuff!!!

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