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      I have been writing fiddle tunes for about 5yrs and would like to share some of them. Do other members have tunes to share? Would this be an appropriate place? Perhaps it could include kind constructive criticism.

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      Casey Willis

      Sounds like a good idea to me, Captain. Feel free to post a YouTube link.

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      Thanks Casey, I haven’t had the confidence to post playing live so I’ve used two rough previously recorded clips.
      Appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions for variations. Also, the tunes are there to share, play and develop. Please feel free!

      Father Pat’s Hornpipe

      Ornsay Lighthouse

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      After accelerating the playback speed up to 1.5 x (in the youtube settings) the hornpipe was real fun! Would you mind sharing the sheet music Captainswing? I’d like to bring it to our celtic jam to try with a larger group there – cheers! – Sylvia

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      Hi Sylvia
      Here are links to sheet music and mp3. Play any speed you like. Let me know if you have any trouble with the links. Would be pleased to hear how it goes. Cheers – Peter

      Sheet music free to download at: https://cl.ly/0r09262Z1V02
      mp3 free to download at: https://cl.ly/0j2Z1Q1z0J0X

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