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      Greetings Everyone…

      I live in the Greater Toronto Area and I’m still stunned to the ever-loving maximum that I cannot find a fiddle teacher :\ It’s actually how I found you guys and gals here!

      I watched a few of André’s videos and, being of Acadian heritage, I have an extremely strong attachment to his work. His lessons are a stretch and long term goal for me. I am currently working on some of the beginner friendly tunes and waltzes (Tennessee Waltz and Silver Spear) as goals however.
      I admit to being a little star struck hearing him talk about playing with La Bottine Sourriante and then proceeded to dig out some old CDs…

      Keep the good work going. I’m still holding onto hope that I find an actual instructor who can help me with this stuff. In the meantime, I’ll keep staring at the floor lengh mirror and working on learning how to make the music I’ve loved to listen to since I could only crawl 🙂


      Robert “Bobby” Maillet

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      Roland White

      HI Robert,

      Well i think you have found the right place as this music is learned best in the aural tradition with the teacher right in front of you, so keep at it and I’m sure you will get some results with the slow down vids and close up details.

      BTW, since you’ve been listening for a long time you will easily pick it up because its now in your blood. Happy fiddling and thanks for the kind words.
      All the best, Roland Forum Moderator

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Bobby, and welcome to the site! I can see how Andre’s material would appeal to you…definitely something to work towards! Glad to hear you are getting started on some more accessible tunes.

      Lots of great lessons still to be published from Andre…as well as the other instructors on this site.

      All the best in your fiddling adventures!


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