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      Casey Willis

      Great news, Fiddlevideo subscribers…I’m excited to announce that Megan Lynch Chowning will be joining the Fiddlevideo instructor team in 2020!!!

      Megan is a 7-time National Fiddling Champion and will bring some serious Texas/Contest-style expertise to the project. She also has a strong Country and Bluegrass background and will be teaching a course on Bluegrass fiddling including the Nashville number system.

      Megan will be in the Fiddlevideo studios in June of this year…feel free to post tune suggestions and/or questions you have about playing Bluegrass fiddle in this post. She may choose to teach a tune you request or cover a question you ask!

      Learn more about Megan here.



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      She is good!!

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      Wow. Nice to have another great fiddler on board.

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      Casey Willis

      Bumping this thread to give folks an update. Megan was unable to travel to the Fiddlevideo studios in 2020 due to the pandemic. Not to worry…Megan is still very excited about joining the instructor team!! She has a ton of great ideas on how to teach bluegrass/country improv. And of course, she’ll be teaching a bunch of Contest-Style and Bluegrass tunes.

      We hope Megan will be able to travel to the studios to record her first set of lessons later this spring (pandemic permitting). We’ve had a few tune requests for Megan roll in on other threads and via email (listed below). Feel free to chime in with any Bluegrass or Texas Style type tunes you would like Megan to consider recording/teaching when she makes it to the studio. It’s going to be great to have her join the project…she’s an amazing player and an outstanding teacher!!

      -East Tennessee Blues
      -Deep Elum Blues
      -Southern Flavor

      OK…what other requests do we have??

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      Casey Willis

      Adding a couple of requests which came in via email to this thread:

      -Fine Times at Our House
      -Grigsbys Hornpipe

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