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    I really like the loop feature you added to the videos! I will practice 1-2 measures at a time when I’m learning a new song, and now being able to loop it I can keep my hands on the fiddle and keep practicing a difficult section over and over again until I get it.

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    Casey Willis

    Awesome, Bond! Glad to hear the feedback – just trying to stay on the cuttin edge here. We’re also working on providing more granular speed adjustments (10% per setting) this year. Stay tuned for those!


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    Hi Casey or Roland….new to the website and techno challenged…where on the site is there some information on using the loop feature? How do I activate it? At the video? Kind of lost on all this…but know it could be a real great thing for me to try on some of the tunes I would like to learn from Hanneke’s videos
    Thanks in advance.
    Diane in SoCal

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    Roland White

    Hi DianeG, Thats a good question for our forum. Its easier than you think and intuitive too. Basically play the tune to the point you want to start and click on the looper at the start, play the passage you want to practice and then click again at the stopping point. Then hit play to repeat the loop till your done. Speed goes up or down to one that suites your level, then practice, practice and practice. Casey may have a few more easy click ideas for you too. Thanks for posting on the Forum. Roland

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    Casey Willis

    Hi, Diane. This might help!


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