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      Hi Casey
      This is my first post. I like the broad spectrum of tunes. When I attempt to learn a new tune, I listen to the entire tune and then print the sheet music. Then I study the sheet music to get the timing and hum it to myself. Then I go to the basic video and follow it by reading the music and humming, the phrase while bowing and fingering the fiddle. I know it sounds complicated but it helps me with timing and tone.
      I am enjoying the videos.


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      Casey Willis

      That’s a great approach, Ed. You’re taking Andre’s advice for sure! Having the tune in your head before you start in on fingering is really helpful.

      You can also download the mp3 track to play on a mobile device/in your car to hear the tune when you’re not connected to the internet.

      Welcome to the site, and all the best as you dive into the tunes!


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