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      Anybody want to check the J&J Waltz guitar backing track?
      I play along with the Casey Willis video OK,
      but when I go to play with the guitar track, it ends before I’m done with the song! 🙂

      Is it just me??

      Thanks 🙂

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, Thistle. I’m out at a festival right now but will take a listen to the track when I get back to the studio next week…I’ll get the right track up if the one currently available doesn’t match up with the performance…thx for the heads up!


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      Enjoy the Festival!!

      And, thanks for the great clear teaching videos, am learning a lot! 🙂

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        Casey Willis

        Hi, again, Thistle. Back from festival land, and I took a listen.

        The guitar track matches what was played during the performance. It’s two times through the melody (A & B parts) and then it repeats a 4 measure tag of the B part. So there are 4 measures tacked on to the end which slows/rit. Does that help?

        For those last four bars of the repeated tag line, the melody starts in the preceding measure on the third finger on the A string (D note) and walks up using the open E string to the first finger on the E string (F# note). The D and E notes fall prior to the tag. That first finger F# note is the down beat of the first of four tag measures.

        I felt like adding the tag in the performance was a nice way to end the tune – sorry for the confusion. Just let me know if that description doesn’t get you to a solid finish line.

        All the best, and thanks for the kind words!

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      Oh, thank you!
      I will play it that way…not sure what I was doing!

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