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      Casey Willis

      Howdy, folks!

      I am happy to report that we have wrapped up Megan Lynch Chowning’s first recording session for Fiddlevideo.com. I can’t express how excited I am to bring Megan into this project. Megan is an amazing player, and more importantly, she is an AWESOME teacher!!!

      Megan split her session time over three main areas…she taught (1) Texas-style/contest style tunes, (2) fiddle kick-offs, fills and basic/advanced solos for some common bluegrass songs, and (3) fiddle technique tutorials.

      Here is the full listing of lessons Megan recorded:

      Texas-Style/Contest Tunes
      Beautiful Dreamer
      Blue Valley Waltz (50 Years Ago Waltz)
      Cattle in the Cane
      Cincinnati Rag
      Crying Waltz
      Dewdrop Hornpipe
      Down Home Waltz
      Forked Deer (this will be a different version than the one I taught)
      Gypsy Waltz
      Hot Springs
      Leather Britches
      Miller’s Reel
      Misty’s Waltz
      Sally Ann
      Twinkle Little Star
      Wednesday Night Waltz
      Wild John

      Fiddle Kick-offs, Chopping Patterns, Basic/Advanced Solos, and Fills for Bluegrass Songs
      Blue Ridge Cabin Home
      Can’t You Hear Me Calling
      Nine Pound Hammer
      Old Home Place
      On And On
      Roving Gambler
      Sitting On Top Of The World

      Fiddle Technique Videos
      Warm Up Exercises and Tips
      Fiddle Kick-Offs and Fiddle Tags for Texas-Style and Bluegrass Tunes
      Chromatic Triplets
      Hook Bowing
      How to Play Fiddle in a Jam and How to Play Fiddle in a Band
      Transitioning from Classical Violin to the Fiddle
      Nashville Number System for the Fiddle (7 lesson-module)
      – Lesson 1: Intro to the Nashville Number System and “The Fiddle Capo”
      – Lesson 2: Chopping Patterns and Basic Fills
      – Lesson 3: Advanced Fills and “The Money Lick”
      – Lesson 4: Pentatonic Scales
      – Lesson 5: Basic Solos Using a First Finger Anchor
      – Lesson 6: Advanced Solos Using a First Finger Anchor
      – Lesson 7: Third Finger Anchor Licks and 1/4/5 chord Patterns

      Megan did an incredible job not just in teaching specific tunes, but also by laying out a framework for fiddlers to become proficient in playing fills and solos in the bluegrass style. On a personal note, I have played violin/fiddle since I was 3, and I was shocked at the number of things Megan that explained which I had never considered. Her lessons are truly remarkable.

      In the months ahead, we will be busy recording guitar backup tracks and doing all of the other various production activities required to publish her lessons. Megan will be back in to record a few more lessons in September, and we have plans for additional recording sessions in 2022. Megan will be back in the studio before we know it…and I couldn’t be happier about it!

      Get excited to welcome Megan to the Fiddlevideo.com instructor team, and as always, STAY TUNED!!


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      Looking forward to the lessons!

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      This all sounds very exciting! I am really looking forward to these lessons.

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      Laurel Holmes

      yay! when do you think you’ll publish them? 🙂

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        Casey Willis

        Hi, Laurel.

        Megan’s tune lesson performance tracks are out to the guitar player…I’d expect the first of those to be published in September. The production team is currently working on her technique tutorials, and most of those don’t require backing tracks…so I’d expect them to start hitting the website in the next couple of weeks.

        All the best!


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      Very exciting looking forward to Megan lessons

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      Casey Willis

      Alright, folks. For anyone following this thread and waiting for Megan’s lessons, the wait is over!

      Well, the wait is over for the first few lessons she recorded, anyway…

      Many more to follow, but you can access Megan’s material here going forward: https://www.fiddlevideo.com/category/megan-lynch-chowning/


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      Pat Willey


      Thanks for publishing the first of Megan’s lessons. She has been one of my favorite fiddlers for many years, plus she teaches in an easy-to-follow manner. I have had several opportunities to to attend fiddle workshops she has held. I have only gone through her first lesson on the Nashville Numbering System so far, and I feel like it just doubled my knowledge of music theory😎. I am looking forward to her tune lessons. The list you posted has many of my favorites.

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        Casey Willis

        Great to hear, Pat.

        Yeah…wait till you get to lesson seven. I’ve played fiddle for over 40 years and she explained something which I knew but did not know I knew, don’t you know? She’s a great teacher. Many more lessons from Megan to follow…

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      Best technical fiddle instructional videos I’ve ever seen anywhere – both in content and presentation.
      Thanks for bringing Megan onboard,

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        Casey Willis

        You’re welcome, Kenny. Agreed – Megan is awesome. Cheers!


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