Faded Love

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      Fred Miller

      I m having trouble with faded love. in the advanced tutorial, around time 3:40, a BG chord is used instead of the GD. It goes to a BG to D , and then from the note D is where I am having trouble. if you could tell me what you’re doing after that D, it sure would help.



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      Roland White

      Hi Fred, Forum Moderator here. I can’t answer your question for Casey but I’m sure he will be checking in soon and be able to give you an answer. If it helps when I hit a rough spot I might record what I’m trying to learn and then download it into a slow downer or media player to help me hear it at a slower speed. Even if I still don’t get it right it helps me learn the tune by hearing each note played slowly. Check back in soon I’m sure Casey will chime in for you.

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      Casey Willis

      Hey there Fred – Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to respond. I’ve been traveling and just now had a chance to dial into that section of the video. So if I understand the question, you are wondering how to get back from the double stop B/G note which is played in substitute for the D/G double stop. The walkdown which follows is 2,1,0 on the A string (C#, B, A)….but, drone your open E string as you walk down each note. I’m also sliding into the C# there.

      Does that help? Is that the spot you’re dialing in on? Thanks for the question!


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