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      Hi Casey,

      I especially enjoy the way you drive a waltz rhythm in by slowing your bow speed and/or reducing the pressure at the end of the bow stroke to maintain the emphasis on the 3/4 time. It adds a lot to the expression as well as making your renditions danceable, which is what a waltz should be.

      How do you do that? Is it just speed, just pressure, or both? I would love a lesson in how you drive waltz rhythms with your bow and some exercises to practice.



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      Casey Willis

      Hi, George. Thanks for the kind words. I think you just succinctly described the idea of “feel”. I always feel a waltz a waltz out…I don’t play it. I definitely have licks I’ve worked out for specific sections, but each time I play through a melody I’m looking for something new.

      I’ll have to do some serious thinking about the idea of trying to disect how I feel my way through a waltz. It seems like I could look at a few ways I use the bow to capture feel…hmmm…Good thought, sir.


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      I completely agree with this comment. Your bowing really makes your waltzes special. There are a lot of fiddlers whose waltzes don’t appeal to me, but your bowing technique is really really special. I would love a video lesson on your waltz bowing technique.

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